The design of this 285 key hotel sets a standard program for this building type and hotel operator. Situated on a 9,600 m2 lot, the challenge was to create a private hotel drop off amongst a ground level of full retail.  To ensure a grand hotel experience, a ramp up was created to the 1st floor, 7m above street level, for the hotel drop off. This layout allowed the entry level to be a completely open garden landscape with hotel amenities. The floors above house guestrooms and a roof deck. The facade became the area of experimentation. Inspired by Sol Lewitt’s abstract drawing techniques, patterns were generated from rotating square bronze panels within a grid.Linear louvers within these panels create visual interest and variation in the facade. 

Design Proposal 

3,500 m2

Design: Claes-Henric Appelquist  Intl. Assoc. AIA

Rendering: Jeong Hee Kim